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In recent times senior executives have been hit by wave after wave of online technological advancements and are often expected to quickly transform this untamed energy into success, no matter how turbulent the storm.

In such dynamic environments, it is undeniable that growth can be a complicated problem, especially when seeking to expand a business’ reach online. It involves identifying new opportunities through ingenuity and insight, but also, it is about knowing where to grow and how best to overcome what holds you back.

Bernard Browne helps companies to strategically allocate resources to achieve their objectives and advise them on key strategic issues, leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and analytical firepower to help them make well-informed and high-impact decisions quickly.


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Strategic Roadmaps & Frameworks

We leverage our specialist knowledge and insights to give you answers to complicated business questions, a deep understanding of your customers online, and ultimately, a heads-up on emerging business opportunities in this dynamic environment.

Business Intelligence & Web Analytics

From email and pay-per-click to offline-to-online campaigns, marketing efforts can be monitored and assessed to provide a play-by-play account of their success so your overall strategy can be quickly informed and research findings leveraged.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Development & Measurement Strategy

Aligned with your strategic business objectives, we formulate measurable goals for your social media strategy that will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Multichannel Integration Strategy

Enhance your customer’s online experience by ensuring that every digital touch-point is well tailored to their needs and integrated within your overall marketing and business strategies.

Website Governance Strategy & Policy Development

Sites need to comply with an immense amount of online regulations and legislation, wider organisational strategies and also, brand guidelines. To adequately maintain and manage a website in accordance to these standards and policies, personnel roles and responsibilities in relation to an organisation’s site must be defined and clearly communicated. We devise and deploy governance strategies and internal policies within organisations to ensure compliance, accountability, effectiveness and the reduction of risk.

Research & Usability

While finding firms who specialise in conducting online research is difficult, our company has the expertise and passion for carrying out online studies on various issues that matter to you including online privacy, accessibility and customer perceptions of your brand.

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