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In today’s connected, complex and fast paced e-commerce world, staying viable, competitive and successful online can be like taking a journey through a minefield.

Technologically savvy companies must focus on tough issues relating to privacy, building trust without touch, security, satisfying challenging stakeholder demands and international regulatory concerns. At the same time, today’s executives are expected to ensure their online operations meet and surpass the strictest of standards so as to minimise the costs of failure and maximise their return on investment.

Bernard Browne’s strong independent web assurance services based on years of extensive industry experience help executives to effectively manage risk and give them the green light to smartly proceed on their journey to success. Are you really ready for take-off?


Assessment Areas

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Web Project Management

Web projects are increasingly becoming more complex and are often outside the skillset of executives who are given the responsibility of ensuring the project’s success. Our experienced web project managers can partner with you to provide a framework covering the wide variety of disciplines and activities required within Web Development and related projects.

Website Audit & Assessment

To ensure the best possible outcome, designers and other stakeholders should consider a full range of user-interface issues, and work towards creating a site that promotes the best possible performance and user experiences. Our website audit subscribes to best practices and industry standards to bring about these improvements. It is particularly useful if you have made substantial changes to your site design or recently completed a new site.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We investigate your site to examine the overall quality as well as the level of compliance with browsers and devices. These tests can show the presence of errors in the site and illustrate where improvements need to be made. Our examination of your website subscribes to industry standards and requirements and can be grouped into four main areas: usability and design, content, search engine optimisation and interactivity and engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

Our SEO audit ensures that your site is search engine compliant and is effectively optimised for search.

Digital Strategy Gap Analysis

Knowing where you are at this moment is as important as planning the route to your destination. A digital strategy gap analysis aims to measure the distance between the goals of your strategy and your current situation. This can be an effective way of determining if your strategy will be sufficient to achieve your targets.

Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You need to know what your customers think of your organisation, products, services or causes. A customer satisfaction survey can easily provide you with this insight to make informed decisions about how to modify your offerings to meet their requirements, and ultimately increase your profitability.

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