Valuing Online Business-to-Business Partnerships

About Our Client

Our client is a technologically savvy real estate company located in Barbados specialising in the sale and rental of island properties.


The Challenge

Our client entered into a link-sharing arrangement with another business and wanted to track the success of the initiative and to assign a value to the partnership.  They requested that our experts advise them about how best this can be done given their limited resources and to later implement any recommendations offered.


Our Solution

Advisory Support & Project Management
The initiative was conceptualised in partnership with the client and was operationalised by our experts who represented the client’s interests in the business arrangement. The project and external stakeholders were managed by our team from beginning to end in accordance with the set plan-of-action.

Development & Implementation of a Web Measurement Framework
An approach to measurement was developed for the initiative and web developers were provided with instructions on how to implement the measurement framework on the site. Testing was conducted to ensure the framework was deployed as devised.

Campaign Performance Report
Google Analytics was employed to capture and later assess campaign data and a performance report was produced in relation to set goals.

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The Results

  • The client successfully fulfilled their mandate as warranted by the link-sharing initiative and currently still maintains this arrangement with their business partner.
  • The client benefits from an effective web measurement framework to continuously capture quality data and interpret results within.
  • Also, based on the insights gleaned from usage data, they were able to find ways they could improve the initiative in the future to gain a better ROI.

Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and other confidential information. 

Services Delivered: Advisory and Training Strategy and Growth

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