Meeting Customers’ Expectations and Needs With a Company Site

About Our Client

Our client is a private sector advocate organisation who is focused on investigating the impact of international trade agreements and negotiations on Barbados’ private sector.


The Challenge

Our client was about to embark on an overhaul of their communications’ strategy and requested that we advise them on how they should go about creating an online communications strategy primarily involving their website.

  • The client wanted a site that was effective in communicating its brand and disseminating information published by the organisation.
  • They were keen on having a site that their members and wider target audience would find useful and could quickly reference if needed.
  • This process was to be completed in 4 weeks and recommendations were to be presented to main stakeholders of the organisation for a later discussion.


Our Solution

Website needs assessment
A website needs assessment focusing on the site’s target audience was conducted. It is a quick way to gather or confirm basic user requirements of a website and to understand which other features would be helpful to potential site users. This method is usually used in the beginning of the website creation or improvement process to guide development or to determine changes to be made to a website. Accordingly, it was fitting to conduct this assessment at an early stage so that the development of the site did not proceed without a clear understanding of user requirements.  Additionally, this assessment is often a perfect discovery tool because it is fast and assists web strategists and developers by making them more aware of what stakeholders and site users really need from their site.

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The Results

  • Within 15 days over a 3 week period, users and major stakeholders were interviewed, surveyed, and later informed by a thorough website needs and wants report.
  • The report helped the organisation choose the best web development firm to execute recommendations and to create a highly tailored and sophisticated web product that will successfully meet the organisation and its stakeholders’ needs.

Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and other confidential information.

Services Delivered: Assurance Strategy and Growth

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