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About Our Client

Our client is a coordinator for an annual summer camp that offers a series of professional workshops for young adults about to join the world of work.


The Challenge

Usually young adults are presumed to know almost everything when it comes to the Internet and technology in general, however, it is also believed that this is usually based on their older counterparts’ ineptness in using such tools. In actuality young adults are often not aware of how to use Internet technology outside of its relevance and application to their social lives. It is integral that young people are adequately equipped to make informed decisions and to draw wise conclusions about how they manage their identity and reputation online, in addition to the necessary safety precautions they should take. To make this possible, a deliberate, well prepared plan and effort was warranted to successfully tackle this challenge.


Our Solution

Training Workshop:

Extensive research shows the solution is literacy. Not ‘our’ type of ‘literacy’ that is solely concerned with one’s ability to use the Internet or to merely ‘push buttons’ but to really understand and critically use it. With a diverse background in all things web, our professionals possess specialist knowledge about eSafety and managing online identity and reputation online, and offered a unique and valuable mix of insight that helped participants to develop the skills needed.

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The Results

  • Attendees learned about how they could safely and effectively capitalise on the opportunities presented to them by the Internet for career success.
  • They became more aware of their reputation online and the consequences, whether good or bad, that can result depending on how they managed their online identity.
  • They showed a keen understanding of the critical issues and debates surrounding increased access to Internet technology.
  • Learned the role that society as a whole, not only the government or just parents, need to play to help their generation successfully acquire this new life skill and to secure their future in this ever increasing global marketplace.

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Services Delivered: Advisory and Training

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