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HR: Internet Addiction Exists, Deal With It

Posted on August 03 2011 by Renaldo Bernard

HR: Internet Addiction Exists, Deal With It |

The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by an increasing concern that excessive use is associated with the development of what has been termed ‘Internet addiction’, ‘Internet addiction disorder’ and ‘pathological Internet use’. However, some scepticism exists around the conceptualisation of such mainly due to the inconsistency among practitioners’ views and operational definitions for the condition (Shaffer, 2004). Regardless of those professionals who ignore the idea, there is evidence within theory and empirical support for the destructive effects of Internet addiction in the workplace (Snapshot Spy, 2008).

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Cyberslacking in Your Organisation

Posted on July 27 2011 by Renaldo Bernard

Cyberslacking in Your Organisation |

In most workplaces today the Internet has become somewhat indispensable. It can be considered as a focal point for communication where for example it aids collaboration among employees and also as a productivity booster reducing the time taken to perform many tasks. However, on the flip side there is also the growing concern that some employees abuse and misuse this resource. Find out more about what is called cyberslacking, who the usual culprits in your organisation are and their motivations.

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Breaking Away with Smarter Decisions & Better Outcomes for Your Online Initiatives

Posted on July 20 2011 by Renaldo Bernard

Breaking Away with Smarter Decisions & Better Outcomes for Your Online Initiatives |

As much as you would not continue to throw money at a bad investment, constantly building, modifying and later recreating your company’s website or other online tools without a significant return on investment can be as disastrous for your profitability. After your company has just completed its website, launched an email or banner ad campaign, mobile site or app, what is next? How do you justify these investments or know that they are fruitful? Do you really understand the people who are interacting with your company online? Are they satisfied?

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