About Us

Harnessing the Power of Web Intelligence for a Smarter Web

Headquartered in the Caribbean island of Barbados, Bernard Browne is an International eStrategy consulting firm exercising leadership in digital strategy, web usability, web project management, web analytics, web assurance and industry training. The firm offers a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions focused on enabling businesses and gaining an intimate understanding of their customers online. We believe that the web in its current form is helpful but still very far from realising its full potential and by bringing our services to bear, we partner with our clients to make the web smarter and better for all.

Every day, millions of people use the Internet as a means to enriching their lives. Each byte that is sent and received is a part of a life event. By accurately capturing and interpreting this trail of digital data, we begin to understand these moments and are able to vividly tell stories about people who live in connected societies.

Digging deep into these online experiences, we extract insight that can be used to solve both simple and complex business problems and identify future opportunities in this dynamic environment. Our data-driven, yet uniquely human approach, integrates your business’ entire online presence and plots a remarkably simple path to success.